What is CASA?
CASA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster competitive adult soccer in Colorado.
How do I find a team to play for?
Please add your name to the CASA Free Agent list which is located on our home page.  Managers looking for players will contact you.
I don’t know which team to register for?
You will need to contact your team owner/manager to find out your league, division and team name.
Why isn’t my team listed?
Teams must pay a registration fee and sign up before individual players can register. Please contact your team owner/manager and ask them to correctly register their team. Registration is instant. Players can then immediately register for that team.
I can’t upload a picture, what do I do?
Take a new picture with your cell phone and email it to yourself for upload.  Or you can email it directly to your coach who will upload it for you.   Or email it to us at: Picture_support@coloradoadultsoccerassociation.com  If you email it to us, it may take us days to correct it.
The system says that my picture is too big.
Use a different picture or use a program such as Microsoft Paint to make the picture a smaller size.
I can’t see my face clearly in the picture.
Refresh the page or upload a different picture.
I uploaded the wrong picture.

Contact us to have the picture replaced. Email: Picture_support@coloradoadultsoccerassociation.com

This can take days to process

I don’t have a credit card, debit card or pay pal, how do I register?
Use a friend’s credit card and reimburse them. You can also go to a supermarket and buy a credit card for the amount of the pass. These cards are readily available everywhere and are inexpensive.
I made a mistake on my registration, what do I do?

Send us an email: support@coloradoadultsoccerassociation.com. Please send us detailed information with your problem and your contact information, including league and team name. We will contact you to correct the problem. Usually within 24 hours. If you contact us on a weekend, it will take longer.

I did not receive a receipt/temporary pass in my email. How do I get one?
Check your spam filter. The email is probably there. If not then ask your team manager, he will receive a copy of your receipt and temporary pass automatically. If you cannot find your email, contact us and we will send you another copy.
I registered but I didn’t get a temporary pass and my manager can’t find me on the roster.
Register again.  If you still have an issue, contact us.
I just want to play one or two games, do I still need a player registration?
YES.  You must have a player registration.  You may not play on a CASA team without a proper registration.  The number of games or situation doesn’t matter.  You must be properly registered to play.
My email address or contact information is incorrect.
Contact your team manager and ask them to correct your information.  Name and DOB cannot be changed except by CASA personnel.
I have a complaint.
We want to hear it. Please contact us at any time. support@coloradoadultsoccerassociation.com.